Jura wines: a recipe for success!

08.07.2014 | Foodie Inspirations

The wines of the Jura region are even better when tasted alongside some delicious little dishes in original or classic pairings. With the new Jura wine guide out this summer, we asked four gourmet food aficionados – Clélia, Laure, Marine and Rémy – to share their ideas on the thousand-and-one ways of highlighting Jurassian terroir flavours. Simple and sophisticated savoury recipes, unusual desserts, well-shaken cocktails – our panel were definitely inspired! While waiting to check out all their creations in the new Jura wine guide*, they tell us about this culinary experiment, which we invited them to take part in. Meet our four flavour explorers…


cleliaClélia, author of the blog revelationsgourmandes.com

Her recipes: Pollock with Jura white wine and mustard – Tiramisu with apples and Vin de Paille

“I must confess I’m still a Jura wine novice, but creating recipes for this new guide was the chance for me to discover the red wines, which aren’t well known. What I like about the Jura wine family is their great aromatic diversity, with something to please everyone – whites, reds, sparkling, robust, dry, semi-sweet or sweet… As a result, it’s very easy to match each dish with a different wine. Thanks for these enticing discoveries.”


laureLaure, author of the blog popotesetcocottes.fr

Her recipes: Mushroom cake with Jura white wine – Financiers with Jura white wine and raspberries – Walnut tart with Macvin du Jura

“I already knew Macvin, but I’d never cooked with it. Its slightly sweet flavour is perfect in desserts, giving them a delicate perfume. Jura white wine was new to me. Usually I’m not very keen on this type of wine, but I really enjoyed its sweet scent. I was afraid this would be lost during cooking, but not at all. In particular, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour it gave the raspberry financiers – really excellent! And I was delighted to experiment with recipes based on Jura wines!”


marineMarine, author of the blog delice-yeux.over-blog.com

Her recipes: Surprise waffles – Jura muffins – Chicken with Vin Jaune and morels

“Having Jurassian roots, my family and I know the region’s wines fairly well. Personally, I’m not a big drinker of wine, I much prefer to cook with it. In muffins and savoury waffles, white wine really does add that special extra touch – a subtle taste that definitely sprinkles stardust on your recipes. And the small bonus is that you get to finish the bottle with the recipes you’ve prepared – sheer bliss! Regarding Vin Jaune, it’s nothing new for born-and-bred Jurassians like us, but it’s certainly unique and incomparable. It’s always a pleasure to be able to open a bottle. In our family, Vin Jaune is always served on festive occasions. We generally drink it with a good cheese platter. For the Jura wine guide, I cooked a delicious chicken with Vin Jaune and morels, and it was a big success! It had everything to make the meal a success.”


remyRémy, head barman at Le Florian, in Lyon : le-florian.fr

His cocktail recipes: “Le Grand Jura” with Marc du Jura – “Les Secrets des Marnes Blanches” with Macvin and Crémant du Jura

“Jura wines are equally good for cooking with or dreaming up cocktails. I was really surprised when I created the cocktails based on Marc du Jura or Macvin, which add a huge amount of flavour and luscious fruit on the palate. I recommend drinking my two inventions after a meal.”


And what recipes will Jura wines inspire you to create?

*These recipes by Marine, Clélia, Laure and Rémy feature in the new Jura wine guide, and also right here on the Jura wine blog.

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